HRH2030 helps low- and middle-income countries develop the health workforce needed to prevent maternal and child deaths, support the goals of Family Planning 2020, control the HIV/AIDS epidemic, and protect communities from infectious diseases.

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HOT4ART: A Tool for Optimizing HRH to Deliver more HIV Services through Task-Sharing & Scaling Up of Differentiated Service Delivery

This tool is designed to help health facility staff and district health management teams optimize their health workforce for the roll-out of “Test and Start” utilizing differentiated service delivery (DSD) models.

Exposure Stories

Brenda Stafford, left, and Anitta Kamara, right, of the Sierra Leone National Malaria Control Program.

Anitta Kamara, a registered nurse, is passionate about fighting malaria in her home country of Sierra Leone. The whole nation is at risk for this disease that is spread by mosquitoes and is the leading cause of death and illness…