HRH2030 helps low- and middle-income countries develop the health workforce needed to prevent maternal and child deaths, support the goals of Family Planning 2020, control the HIV/AIDS epidemic, and protect communities from infectious diseases.

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A Compendium of HRH2030 Resources Regarding Gender, Women, and Health

Over the past five years, HRH2030 has worked in more than 30 countries to bolster the health workforce, improve health outcomes, and advance health for all.

Exposure Stories

It’s 5 a.m. in Selingué, Mali, and Mama Diancoumba is beginning her day. Child care comes first. Her husband lives far away in another town where there’s work, so she focuses on getting her three children, ranging in age from two to twelve, dressed, fed, and out the door to school. But Mama’s responsibilities extend far beyond taking care of her own family. As the midwife in charge of maternity services at the local health center, she is key to the welfare of hundreds of mothers and children in her community.