HRH2030 Philippines Infographic and Resource Library

From October 2017 to March 2020, the USAID HRH2030 Philippines activity worked with the country’s Department of Health  (DOH) and other key stakeholders to assess and strengthen the health workforce to improve tuberculosis (TB), family planning (FP), and maternal and child health (MCH) services. HRH2030 also supported the DOH in advancing universal health care through the development of a National HRH Master Plan.


Strengthening the health workforce for improved service delivery requires a comprehensive, multipronged strategy which promotes proper planning and use of evidence-based data for decision-making for the right health workers to be in the right places, at the right time, with the right skills and attitudes. The infographic below illustrates the framework HRH2030 employed to support the DOH through strategic technical assistance to strengthen recruitment, deployment, development, retention, and performance management of a robust and qualified health workforce to improve access to quality TB, FP, and MCH services for vulnerable populations. We focused our collaboration in four result areas:


  • Improved health workforce planning and distribution for TB and FP/MCH services
  • Strengthened HRH performance management and development with a focus on TB and FP/MCH
  • Advanced the use of data for HRH decision-making at central, regional, and provincial levels
  • Cross-cutting: Integrated strategic HRH governance, built organizational capacity utilizing organization development and HRH policy development

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