Country Snapshot: Jordan




In Jordan, the Ministry of Health provides approximately 38 percent of the country’s health services through 377 primary care centers, 98 comprehensive health centers, 202 peripheral health centers, and 31 hospitals. The Jordanian Civil Service System, which includes the Ministry of Health, follows a centralized decision-making approach that dictates the recruitment, appointment, compensation, promotion, and distribution of the health workforce. Uneven distribution and inability to retain health workers have become predominant human resources for health (HRH) issues.


HRH2030 in Jordan

HRH2030 worked in Jordan from 2016 to 2018 to strengthen the health workforce for better health services by assisting the Ministry of Health to enhance its human resources practices, facility management, and leadership. The program worked with the High Health Council to strengthen national HRH governance and HRH data for decision-making and collaborated with other national health stakeholders to improve health workers’ competencies by institutionalizing continuing professional development. HRH2030 supported the Ministry of Health to advance progress toward the Jordan Vision 2025 goal of universal health coverage for all Jordanians.


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