The United States Government and the Government of Malawi signed a Statement of Partnership this month, which includes direct funding to the Zomba District Council to support the hiring of new health care workers and strengthen the systems that are vital to improving maternal and child health, nutrition, and HIV outcomes. In line with USAID Malawi’s new Country Development Cooperation Strategy, USAID is implementing this first health government-to-government (G2G) activity in Malawi as a pilot initiative.

Central level stakeholders in Malawi participate in the post-award orientation meeting organized by HRH2030.

Following the formal signing of the G2G agreement on November 3, HRH2030 Malawi, on behalf of USAID, organized a post-award orientation meeting for key central level stakeholders on November 20. Officials from the Ministry of Finance, Accountant General, Department of Human Resource Management and Development, Local Government Service Commission, and Reserve Bank of Malawi, all of whom are involved in the G2G agreement, attended to learn more about USAID award regulations, processes, timelines, and procedures, and their specific roles and responsibilities. The meeting also served as an opportunity to clarify and streamline the key processes under the G2G, and as a forum to ensure uniform communication across stakeholders.

Building on the solid relationships formed in Zomba district during the first three years of HRH2030 in Malawi, HRH2030 is now supporting Zomba district human resource unit in the implementation of its risk mitigation plan for this program—particularly in the areas of health care worker recruitment, retention, and performance management—as well as advocating for the enhancement of the country’s integrated human resource information system (iHRIS) and ensuring buy-in of key stakeholders.

Photo: The US Government, represented by Ambassador Scott, and the Government of Malawi, represented by the Minister of Finance Felix Mlusu, signed a Statement of Partnership that included funding to the Zomba District Council to strengthen health systems to improve outcomes in maternal and child health, nutrition, and HIV.