Country Snapshot: Colombia



In Colombia, decades of armed conflict, civil strife, and internal displacement have crippled the nation’s social services and left vulnerable children, adolescents, and families without the help they need. In 2016, the country was named a priority country under the U.S. Government Action Plan for Children in Adversity (APCA), a partnership aiming to improve the well-being of children. The APCA worked with the government of Colombia and determined that building upon current efforts led by the Instituto Colombiano de Bienestar Familiar (ICBF) would be the most effective approach to address issues facing children living in adversity in Colombia. ICBF provides violence prevention and protection services for children, adolescents, and families through a decentralized system that allows them to reach more than eight million people across the country.


HRH2030 in Colombia

HRH2030 Colombia supports ICBF’s efforts and works to strengthen the accessibility, availability, acceptability, and quality of their social service workforce. By working on the planning and implementation of a national strategy that establishes the appropriate processes and procedures, as well as by training the social workers, HRHR2030 Colombia looks forward to increasing ICBF’s national and local capacity,  improving and expanding social service programs, and ultimately benefiting the well-being and protection of children, adolescents, and families throughout the country.


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