Women Leaders in Health Forum Strategy 2019-2022

Women Leaders in Health Forum Strategy 2019-2022

Empowering women to advance in healthcare leadership promotes a better response to the health needs of an entire population. HRH2030’s research into women’s leadership roles in Jordan’s health sector brought forth several recommendations including the establishment of a women’s health leadership network—what became the Women Leaders in Health Forum—to help address gender equity challenges.

This document presents the key features of the Women Leaders in Health Forum’s strategic direction in Jordan. It describes and analyzes the current situation of the nation’s female leaders in health; presents the Forum’s vision, mission, and values; and works to identify the Forum’s priorities and strategic directions to empower women in Jordan and increase their chances and opportunities for assuming leading positions in the health sector.

Associated Content:

Women’s Enrollment in the Health Workforce Literature Review

Evidence-based Interventions to Promote Women in Health Management in Jordan

Videos on findings

Summary of Findings Infographic (EN) (pdf); Summary of Findings Infographic (AR) (pdf)

Country: Jordan

Resource Type: Report

Topic: Leadership and governance, Performance and productivity, Skill mix and competency, Strengthening HRH in Jordan