World Health Workers Week 2019: Saluting the people at the heart of health systems — the health workforce!

World Health Workers Week 2019: Saluting the people at the heart of health systems — the health workforce!

It’s a selfless job, being a health worker. Many awake before the sun rises, only to arrive at a health center where a long line of patients already wraps around the building. Every day is full of people seeking the health worker’s skills, her services, her energy… her heart.

In many low- and middle-income countries it’s not unusual for a health clinic to serve a catchment area of more than 50,000 patients. It’s also not sustainable. HRH2030 works to strengthen health systems around the world to ensure patients have the health care they need from a health workforce that is well trained, properly positioned, sufficiently supported, and adequately supplied.

April 1st kicks off World Health Worker Week. Join HRH2030 as we celebrate the role of health workers throughout the entire month of April, sharing the 2019 World Health Worker Week theme “Health Workers Are the Heart of Health For All.” We’re honoring the strength and tenacity of health workers while also calling attention to the health workforce challenges that still remain. Together we can be a force for positive change.

HRH2030 Health Worker Testimonials

We’re gathering and sharing a wide range of video “testimonials”—from community health workers and nurses to national and global health leaders—explaining why health workers count for ensuring every community has access to essential health services, and why we need greater US and global investment in frontline health workers. It’s easy to take part!

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HRH2030 Health Worker Stories

From community health workers in rural areas, to nurses and midwives at district hospitals, to leaders within ministries of health, people are at the heart of the health system. Over the past year, we’ve shared many stories of the challenges facing the health workforce. Here we revisit two of our favorites.

In Malawi, health workers play a key role in ensuring people become aware of their HIV status and receive the care they need.

We educate patients on HIV and AIDS and encourage them to know their status. If the patients are pregnant mothers, we educate them so that they can protect their baby before he or she is born,” says Regina Chinkhunda, a nurse midwife technician at Dickson Health Center in Lilongwe, Malawi.

>> Meet Regina and several other health workers from Malawi in the full Exposure story, “Malawi’s Health Workers: The First Step on the Journey from Testing to Treatment for People Living with HIV.”

How can we support health workers throughout their career to ensure that they have the skills, resources, and opportunities needed to improve health outcomes? Last year, HRH2030 hosted an event entitled “Voices from the Field: Supporting health workers throughout the human resources for health life cycle.” Our HRH2030 country leaders reflected on approaches and interventions to support health workers throughout the HRH life cycle – from pre-service education to the time they exit the health system and everything in between.

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HRH2030 Health Worker Events

This month, we’re engaging in vital discussions on health systems— from their strengths, such as how employing female health workers can empower them and their communities, to their struggles in providing optimal health care quality in low-and middle-countries. No matter where you are in the world, you can participate by tuning into our live stream for our April 3 event or joining our webinar on April 9!

April 3: The Health Sector: A Key Contributor to Women’s Economic and Social Empowerment and Prospering Families and Communities

This event will highlight the growing evidence that employment in the health sector empowers female health workers, their families, and communities.

April 9-10: Optimizing Health Worker Performance for Improved Health Care Quality in Low- and Middle-Income Countries

These events – select a morning in Crystal City or Foggy Bottom – will explore health workforce performance and consider potential opportunities for advancing the agenda for high-quality health services in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs).

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