Piloting the Rapid Task Analysis in Madagascar

Piloting the Rapid Task Analysis in Madagascar

To best serve the health needs of communities, managers should align the maternal and child health, family planning, HIV/AIDS, and other primary healthcare competencies of providers with the needs and demands of the populations served. Alignment of competencies and skills ensures that health workers are prepared to work with clients on specific issues or topics of need, such as counseling for informed and voluntary use of family planning or HIV prevention.

HRH2030 adapted a task analysis methodology to create a rapid assessment approach for identifying health worker competencies in MCH, FP, and HIV/AIDS services, and implemented it among Andramasina District community health workers (CHWs) in Madagascar’s Analamanga Region. The results were used to inform Ministry of Health’s in-service training policy initiatives and stimulate dialogue around how to ensure that clinical skills and provider-assigned tasks and responsibilities match population health needs.

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Sample Rapid Task Analysis QuestionnaireRapid Task Analysis: A streamlined approach for matching provider competencies with local health needs (webinar)

Country: Madagascar

Resource Type: Report

Topic: Family planning, HIV/AIDS, Performance and productivity, Skill mix and competency