Videos: Local Perspectives from 5 Health Workers on the Philippines Health System

Videos: Local Perspectives from 5 Health Workers on the Philippines Health System

As HRH2030 observed World Health Worker Week in April 2019, the USAID-funded HRH2030 activity in the Philippines joined partners around the world to commemorate health workers through the theme: “Health Workers at the Heart of Health for All.” This celebration came on the heels of the Philippines’ signing of the Universal Health Care Act into law which will address shortages of qualified health professionals, imbalances in the distribution of health workers, and variations in health service quality across the country. Here, HRH2030 shares voices from five health workers who applaud the Philippine government’s efforts to support the nation’s human resources for health and strengthen the health system.


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Dr. Kenneth Ronquillo explains how the Philippines Department of Health and the USAID-funded HRH2030 program are working to advance universal health care and improve national health outcomes.




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Midwife Carina Manalo recounts the trainings she has received and underlines the importance of accessible heath  worker capacity building to support universal health coverage in the Philippines.




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Medical Technologist Francis Andaya explains how the Philippines will meet current human resources for health challenges.





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Nurse Florence Quintos-Fernandez notes how the Philippines is working to improve tuberculosis and family planning services.





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Physician and development practitioner Dr. Timothy Ting talks about universal health coverage in the Philippines and its importance for equity.




Country: Philippines

Resource Type: Video/Webinar

Topic: Improving Access to Quality Health Services in the Philippines, Family planning, Leadership and governance, Performance and productivity, Skill mix and competency