Infographic: HRH2030 Year 4 Achievements

Infographic: HRH2030 Year 4 Achievements

A strong health workforce – one with the right skills, in the right places, at the right times – is an essential component of an efficient health system and advancing universal health coverage (UHC). USAID’s High-Performing Health Care framework underscores the importance of bringing together public and private health institutions, and other health sector stakeholders, to provide high-quality health care that is accessible, accountable, affordable, and reliable in order to achieve UHC.

To highlight our contributions to strengthening health systems,  we created an infographic that showcases the impact that some of our activities have in making sure that people can get the care they need, within a reasonable distance, at an affordable cost,  and in ways they trust.

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Country: Global, Mali, Malawi, Senegal

Resource Type: Infographic

Topic: Health system strengthening