Most-accessed Tools in 2018

Most-accessed Tools in 2018

The two most-accessed HRH2030 tools of 2018 are both designed to help health leaders and managers optimize health worker performance to advance control of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. In addition, the new gender competency framework for family planning service providers was  the most frequently downloaded resource. Links to all are provided below, along with a bonus link to a December 2018 webinar for the featured HRH Optimization Tool for ART Service Delivery (also know as the HOT4ART tool).



Toolkit: Optimizing Health Worker Performance and Productivity to Achieve the 95-95-95 Targets

Defining and Advancing Gender-Competent Family Planning Service Providers:  Competency Framework and Technical Brief









HRH Optimization Tool for ART Service Delivery

Webinar: Differentiated Service Delivery Tool