HRIS Status Assessment in Madagascar: Results and Recommendations

HRIS Status Assessment in Madagascar: Results and Recommendations

In Madagascar, malaria remains one of the leading causes of death, while provision of essential services for maternal, child, and newborn health, and access to affordable and quality family planning remain difficult. These problems are compounded further by health systems challenges related to accessibility of health centers, uneven distribution of health workers, and an overall weak administration of the health system. Though improvements have been made in recent years in building a strong community health workforce, the management of the health workforce is fragmented, resulting in disorganized management of health workforce information. However, in 2017 Madagascar developed their National Plan for the Development of Human Resources for Health and established a new HR Observatory Committee to address these health workforce issues

In 2017, as Madagascar was in the early stages of developing their human resources information system (HRIS), HRH2030 worked with the MOH to apply the PEPFAR HRIS Assessment Framework (HAF) tool to provide a baseline reference for working towards building stronger, more coordinating approach to health workforce data collection, management, and use. The application of the HAF tool also included stakeholders that spanned the health labor market, including the Ministry of Health at the central and subnational levels, the Ministry of Civil Service, the Ministry of Finance, pre-service education institutions, health professional regulatory bodies, professional associations, and partner organizations. The HAF identified priority gaps and actions for Madagascar to build a more effective, evidence-based information system that would contribute to strategically improving HRH policy and planning for a stronger health system and, ultimately, improved health outcomes.

This report presents the HRIS status assessment review process as well as the results of the review and recommendations, next steps, and lessons learned.


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